SPLITBOARD.COM: Getting Fit for Splitboarding with Bibi Toelderer-Pekarek

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 5.44.23 PM

Editor’s note: Just like many of you, my summer consisted of probably a few too many post single-track beverages, and not enough gym time. With the snow guns blowing at Stowe, I took my splitboard out for the first time of the year. My legs felt it a bit more than expected, and I decided it’s better late then never to get started on serious training. To get started, I reached out to one of the best in splitboarding/fitness there is, Bibi Pekarek, for some pointers.

Bibi is a self professed fitness/health nut and physical therapist. Year in and year out rides some of the biggest, heaviest lines there are, much thanks to her offseason training. Her and her husband, fellow big mountain rider Mitch Toelderer, launched their own fitness training program Go-Pro Fitness to help riders get ready for the winter months. Recently, she took a few moments of her time to talk about how she preps for splitboarding, staying motivated and what you can do to get in shape to get after it this winter.

Read More at Splitboard.com

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