SPLITBOARD.COM: Marie-France Roy talks about The Little Things, Splitboarding and Climate Change


Editor’s Note: Whether it be slashing backcountry powder in British Columbia, or riding the rails of Montreal, Marie-France Roy does it all. Over the past two years she added film producer to her resume, as her much anticipated, “The Little Things” comes out on iTunes on October 7th (you can pre-order it here). In anticipation of MFR’s new film we had the opportunity talk splitboarding, film making and climate change. See what she had to say:

For more on Marie-France Roy check out her bio on Rome Snowboard’s site here.

Splitboard.com: How long have you been splitboarding for? What motivated you to split your board?

Marie-France Roy: I think the first time I tried splitboarding was 4 years ago in Whistler. I thought the idea was neat, to earn your turns and rely on your own power instead or using a lift of a snowmobile etc… I also like that it’s a better exercise than just riding down all day!

To read more go to Splitboard.com

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