Storyteller, Adventurer, Splitboarder, Mountain Biker and Gear Breaker

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Ever since Alex could walk he has been sliding on some form of frozen water, starting with nordic skiing, evolving onto alpine skiing and hockey. It wasn’t until high school that Alex first strapped into a snowboard and he never looked back. Fast forward to the first time he tried out splitboarding and it was as life changing as that first time strapping into a snowboard. The sense of adventure, the ability to seek your own line and make your own path through the mountains truly inspired him and has become a guiding beacon in how Alex lives his daily life.

You can find Alex’s work in a number of publications including TransWorld SNOWboarding, Backcountry Magazine, Gear Institute, and others. His print and digital work, seeks out unique stories that highlight people dedicating their lives to following their passions, whether that be starting their dream business in the outdoor sports world, or skiing/riding that hard to get to peak. An adventurer at heart, Alex seeks to tell the stories of unique places and inspire people to travel through writing. He’s biggest focus is writing stories that you don’t have to be a professional athlete or travel writer to experience, but pack just as much adventure.

Alex is a bit of gear junkie and notorious gear breaker. Based on the ever fickle East Coast, it provides a true proving ground for gear in all conditions, his main focus as a tester, isn’t necessarily identifying if he personally likes it, but if the product is quality and what kind of user would enjoy it.

When not splitboarding or mountain biking or traveling, Alex dedicates his time to fighting climate change, working with with Protect Our Winters.

*Featured Photo Credit: Dalton Harben